What are the challenges nowadays of a digital HR transformation?

What are the challenges nowadays of a digital HR transformation?

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Last month, Flexso for People Austria presented at Rethink NOW. Accelerate TOMORROW. Together with their customer GG-Group, they shared some interesting insights about HR and business transformation. Transforming your HR is always challenging, but especially during a worldwide crisis. How did Flexso for People and GG-Group work together in such dynamic times? 

During this presentation, we discussed the global HR transformation at GG-Group, how it kicked off, which visions they had within the company and how they actually started working with these visions. What were the functional and technical goals of this HR transformation and why did GG-Group go for an SAP SuccessFactors solution?

Watch the recording

The session has been recorded and is available in German.

After the interview, there was a Q&A session where Iris and Christina answered more practical questions, such as:

  • Which challenges did we have by working only virtually?
  • What can be seen as ‘learning’ for other companies if they start now with their digitalization process?
  • How important is it to challenge the current processes?


  • Iris Brachmaier, Vice President Group HR & Oganizational Development at Gebauer & Griller
  • Jakob Kiblböck, Head of SAP SuccessFactors CEE
  • Andreas Behrendt, Partner at Flexso for People
  • Christina Mokoru, SAP SuccessFactors Lead Consultant at Flexso for People

Eager to offer better customer experiences by digitalising your HR processes?
Flexso for People can help you accelerate your SAP SuccessFactors journey.

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